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Master's Recital

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Today would have been the performance of my master's recital had the pandemic not happened. I am of course devastated not to be able perform the recital live and in-person, but in order that the many hours of preparation not go to waste, my sister Eunice and I have decided to take the recital online! Over the next weeks, we'll be recording the pieces from the recital one at a time, and posting them here in the order that they would have appeared in the program. I'll sing and Eunice will play the piano. I'll also be posting texts, translations, and program notes along with each video here on my website. I hope you'll follow along!

The piece I'm sharing today to kick off this project is NOT actually from this recital program, but was the final song from my first voice recital four years ago. I thought it would be a fitting way to kick off this project! So this is "Ten Thousand Miles Away," by Steven Mark Kohn.

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