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Music in Quarantine

On most Sunday mornings, you would find me at the piano or organ at St. Simon's Episcopal Church in the Chicagoland area; but, as with most churches across this country, we've had to suspend in-person services out of concern for the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. It's a difficult hurdle for a community, built on weekly gatherings, to find a way to continue effectively in a "socially-distanced" world.

We've found our way thus far by participating in online, video-conference services. As the church musician, I've been searching for ways to maintain an active and interactive music ministry at the church. I'm still exploring ideas to engage more individuals, but I started into this new "climate" with recorded meditations that could be shared during the weekly service.

The first meditation was the hymn, "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need." Taken in this instance from the Episcopal 1982 Hymnal, the text is an adaption of Psalm 23. It reminds us that whether we walk through "pastures fresh" or "shades of death," the shepherd continues to lead us, and we have no need for fear.

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