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Music in Quarantine, pt 3 (Day by Day)

Continuing from my last posts, I've been searching for ways to "keep the music going" from quarantine. The hardest challenge has of course been to find ways to collaborate while socially distancing.

Luckily, I had begun this quarantine together with my immensely talented roommate: Justin Ramm-Damron! Justin, an operatic bass, is currently a graduate student at Northwestern University studying for his Master's in Voice and Opera, and a longtime friend of mine. It was wonderful having him join me for this piece, adding harmony to this offering we would share with the St. Simon's congregation.

I grew up with this song, and remember singing it often in quartets with my family. It reminds us that every day, we can have faith that we will be given the strength to match the trials of each day. It reminds us that we are never alone, and so we have "no cause for worry or for fear."


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