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Video Editing - My New Hobby

With the pandemic still preventing live musical performances and in-person church services, music has become an entirely digital art-form, it feels. Between my post at the church, my own singing career (with upcoming online auditions), being able to record and produce videos has become a requirement to be a musician. So I got a copy of Adobe Premiere Pro, and have started experimenting!

This video of me performing a duet with myself of Bellini's beautiful art song, "Ma rendi pur contento," was my first completed project with the new software! Take a look, tell me what you think!

I've continued on now to creating videos for St. Simon's Episcopal Church (where I serve as music director), which will be shared in weekly e-mails from the church and on the church's social media pages. Check out their website, to see those videos - I may also share some highlights here!

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